What Careers Can Teachers Go Into?

What is a good career change for a teacher?

Here are several career options for former teachers to consider:Occupational therapist assistant.

National average salary: $418 per week.

Life skills trainer.

National average salary: $13.02 per hour.

Activities director.


Medical assistant.

Event planner.


Curator.More items…•Feb 22, 2021.

Can you become a teacher in your 50s?

If you’re thinking about a career change, teaching could benefit from your skills and experience. A number of over 50s with established careers succeed in retraining as teachers every year – and making the switch to a career in teaching is more achievable than many think.

How do teachers recover from burnout?

8 Realistic ways to prevent and recover from teacher burnoutTalk about teacher burnout. … Practice self-care. … Know when to take a break. … Plan for community. … Find out what actually went wrong. … Put things in perspective. … Try something new. … Ask for help when you need it.May 5, 2020

What other careers can teachers do?

Teachers may add a psychology or counseling certification and become career counselors. Some teachers can even make more as education consultants. A career change out of teaching may just be diving deeper into the world of education.

What are good second careers for teachers?

Second career options for teachersLibrarian.Teacher trainer.Academic coordinator.Training coordinator.Guidance counselor.Educational consultant.Curriculum specialist.Social worker.More items…•Mar 9, 2021

What can teachers do instead of teaching?

Non-Teaching Jobs in EducationSchool Guidance Counselor. Counseling is a natural choice for a lot of former teachers. … School Administrator. Most elementary, middle, and high school principals began their careers as teachers. … Instructional Coordinator. … Educational Consultant. … Librarian. … College or University Academic Advisor.Nov 26, 2020

How long should a teacher stay at one school?

Ironically, the schools want you to stay – it’s costly and time consuming to find teachers – but they don’t do nearly enough to ensure that you continue to grow professionally. So from my perspective, you should stay as long as you continue to grow, maybe 5 years.

Why are teachers quitting?

Stress, more so than low pay, is the main reason public school teachers quit. … Of those surveyed, 55 percent quit in the two school years leading up to the pandemic, while the others left after March 2020. In both groups, most of the teachers either resigned, retired early, or took an unpaid leave of absence.

How do I quit my teaching job?

Your exact approach will depend on some variables, but the basic steps are relatively uniform.Explore Options. Before you decide to quit a teaching job, you must determine that it is the best option for you. … Determine Your Future. … Give Notice. … Submit a Letter of Resignation. … Inform Coworkers and Students.

How stressful is teaching?

The stress levels teachers and school staff experience on a daily basis have never been higher. A recent poll shows that 46 percent of teachers report high stress every day, tying teaching with nursing as the most stressful occupation in the United States.