What Can I Say Instead Of Whatever?

Is whatever a formal word?

2 Answers.

Whatsoever is perfectly fine if used for emphasis.

For example, if you were reviewing a book about desserts, you might say: The authors make no mention about ice cream..

What does it mean if a guy says whatever?

Originally Answered: What exactly do people mean when they say, “whatever, man” ? “Whatever”, used in its various forms, is generally a means to dismiss someone or what they say. It’s another way of saying, “I don’t care.” It can be about motives, actions, or words. … Steve says, “Whatever, man.”

What does whatsoever mean?

The definition of whatsoever is whatever. An example of whatsoever used as an adjective is in the phrase, “no decision whatsoever,” which means no decision was made. adjective.

What’s another way to say whatever?

What is another word for whatever?no matter whatwhatsoeverallanythinganything at allaughtany one thinganything whatsoever

What is a slang word for whatever?

Whatever is a slang term meaning “whatever you say” , “I don’t care what you say” or “what will be will be”. The term is used either to dismiss a previous statement and express indifference or in affirmation of a previous statement as “whatever will be will be”.

How do you say I don’t care in slang?

Hey, you there! Yes, you. Come on, don’t act like you don’t care….Various Other Ways of Saying “I Don’t Care!”K.Oh, mmmkay.Tell me less.Yeah, nah.I could care less, but not much.I’m not carefree. I’m free to care. I just never do.Next!Who gives a rat’s ass?More items…•Aug 2, 2019

What does WTV mean in slang?

whateverWTV is short for whatever, and it is used in texting and chat to imply not caring, being bored, or just being uninspired.

Is whatever a rude word?

Yes, it’s rude. “Whatever” expresses indifference; often, expressing indifference is dismissive, and in this case, it’s dismissive of what the other person has to say. … Being dismissive is what makes it rude. Since “whatever” can express indifference without being dismissive, it’s not rude in all situations.

What is the difference between whatever and what ever?

“Whatever” is more common, but “what ever” is also used to underscore the emphatic nature of “ever” (as in “What ever do you mean?” or “What ever could have happened?”). … In adjectival uses, however, only the one-word form is used: Take whatever (not what ever) books you need.”

What does a woman mean when she says whatever?

2. Whatever. Whatever…a classic among classics, a verbal weapon used by both men and women. When a woman says “whatever” during a fight, it means that she doesn’t want to talk to you anymore, because you are pathetic. … Women make noises (including yelling) to get attention.

How do you use whatever whenever?

Whatever, whenever, wherever, whichever, whoever are used as follows :Whatever = anything or everything; regardless of what, no matter what. … Whenever = every time; at any time; regardless of when, not matter when. … Wherever = everywhere; regardless of where, no matter where.More items…

How do you respond to whatever?

You don’t need to respond when somebody says, “whatever”. In fact, in this scenario, “silence” is the best solution. I’m presuming here, that you’re referring to non-polite comments & if so, you can simply choose to ignore &/or walk away.

How do you use whatever in a sentence?

Whatever sentence exampleWhatever happens, it’s us together and we’ll make it. … The Internet is whatever we make it to be. … Whatever the case, Mary questioned anything that might indicate discord between Carmen and Alex. … Whatever he’s paying you, I’ll double. … Whatever the case, it certainly wasn’t worth arguing about.More items…

How do you use whatever?

You may take whatever you like.Whatever you do, I will always love you.Whatever can introduce a question.Whatever do you mean by being rude? (More emphatic than ‘What do you mean by being rude? … Whatever means ‘it doesn’t matter what’.Whatever happens, stay calm.No matter what happens, stay calm.More items…•Nov 4, 2013

What is the word for doing whatever you want?

Pleasure aspect of doing whatever you want: bon vivant, hedonist, pleasure seeker. Going wherever you want, possibly new places (metaphorically too): globetrotter, explorer, pioneer. Free thought, defiance: maverick, liberal, free thinker, nonconformist.