Quick Answer: Zadar Or Split

How far is split to Zadar?

158 kilometersThe first thing you need to know is that the distance from Split to Zadar is 158 kilometers.

The journey can take you anywhere from 1 hour 40 minutes up to 4 hours if you go by bus along the old coastal road..

What is the most beautiful city in Croatia?

DubrovnikDubrovnik. No line-up of the most beautiful towns in Croatia could possibly be complete without a mention of Dubrovnik, which rises dramatically from the Adriatic cliffs in the far south of the country.

How much is a taxi from Zadar airport to Zadar?

The fastest way to get from Zadar Airport to Zadar is to taxi which takes 13 min and costs 160 kn – 200 kn.

How many days in Split is enough?

Two daysTwo days in Split are enough to cover all of the main activities in town. However, due to its ideal location, there are so many day trips that you can (or rather should) take while in Split. We’ll list some of the best day trips and things to do around Split for your itinerary.

How do I get from Split airport to Zadar?

The cheapest way to get from Split Airport (SPU) to Zadar is to bus which costs 40 kn – 95 kn and takes 3h 33m. What is the fastest way to get from Split Airport (SPU) to Zadar? The quickest way to get from Split Airport (SPU) to Zadar is to drive which costs 95 kn – 150 kn and takes 1h 36m.

Is Zadar worth visiting?

Zadar is worth a night or two and is underrated. … Zadar was voted no 1 destination in Europe for 2016. So, I would say that it is worth spending couple days there.

Is Split worth visiting?

It’s the oldest Catholic cathedral in the world that remains in use in its original structure. Definitely worth a visit. Depart Old Town via the Porta aenue (Brass Gate), located on the southern wall of the palace and cap off the afternoon at The Riva – Split’s famous harbour-front promenade.

How far is Zadar from Split airport?

130 kmThe shortest travel distance between Zadar (HR) and Split (airport) (HR) is 130 km, which equals a travel time by car of about 01:31 h.

How do I get from Zadar to split?

Getting From Split To Zadar & Zadar to Split The drive from Split to Zadar will take you anywhere from 1 hour and 40 mins if you travel by car and take the freeway up to 4 hours if you take the all stopping bus along the old coast road in the middle of summer! The distance between Split and Zadar is 158 km.

Does Zadar have a beach?

Kolovare Beach, Zadar Arguably the best beach in Zadar is Kolovare Beach, a public city beach underneath Hotel Kolovare and near the Old Town. This is both the longest and the oldest beach in the city, characterized by paved areas and pebbly shores, pine trees, and lawns.

Is Zadar a good holiday destination?

Tourism in Zadar The city of Zadar is an easily reached destination by land, sea and air. It has a good traffic infrastructure through which it is directly connected to other bigger cities of the Republic of Croatia and Europe, with extraordinary accommodation and contemporary service of numerous marinas.

How far is Zadar from Dubrovnik?

217 milesThe coastal city of Zadar is 217 miles (350 km) from Dubrovnik, and the easiest way to travel between them is by plane (requiring a connection in Zagreb).

Are there sharks in Croatia?

Are there sharks in Croatia? Yes, of course. Sharks are present in the Croatian Adriatic whether we like to think about them as we dip our feet in it during sweltering summer days or not. … Sometimes there are encounters with divers, several of which were recorded in the Adriatic, the last time being in Kvarner.

Is Zadar safe for tourists?

Generally, the answer is a resounding yes. Violent crime in Croatia is rare, and overall crime levels are quite low, making it extremely safe to travel to Croatia. … Still, there are a few Croatia travel warnings that you should be aware of before arriving in this Balkan nation.

Where Should a couple stay in a split?

Best Split HotelsPalace Judita Heritage Hotel. Palace Judita Heritage Hotel is without a doubt one of the best addresses for your overnight in Split. … Heritage Hotel Antique. … Hotel Vestibul Palace. … Hotel Luxe. … Radisson Blu. … Hotel Cornaro. … Hotel Ora. … Hotel Park.More items…•Jan 13, 2021

Is Zadar a party place?

Zadar’s nightlife is neither sceney nor divided into old and young, so in most places you’ll find an unpretentious mix of people. While the Old Town is an atmospheric place to spend your evenings, you can also spend time in places like Borik, Diklo and Kolovare, to catch the sea breeze and watch the sun go down.

Is Split or Dubrovnik better?

Split is located in the middle section of Croatia’s lengthy Adriatic coastline and so is in a far better location than Dubrovnik when it comes to seeing more of the country (it also has better international flight connections).

Do they speak English in Croatia?

Do Croatians Speak English? The majority of Croatians speak at least one other language. According to a recent poll, some 80% of Croatians are multilingual and, of that group, 81% are English-speakers. … In Slavonia only 51% speak a foreign language while in Istria a full 95% speak another language.

Can you drink water in Croatia?

It is safe to drink tap water in Croatia. You should also try Croatia’s favourite brandy sljivovica, made from plums, or travarica, a herbal brandy. Find out more on Eating in Croatia and Drinking in Croatia in our special sections, or give one of our Croatian Recipes a go!

Which is better Zadar or Split?

So there we go, both destinations offer different things – if you want lots of things to see and do, with a side of tourism, Split is the way to go, if you want chilled, local and relaxed then Zadar is a good bet. Or really, you could do both like us and get the best of both worlds!

What is Zadar famous for?

What is Zadar Most Famous For?People’s Square.Sea Organ and Greeting to the Sun.Museum of Illusions Zadar.Market Zadar.Telascica Nature Park.Church of St. Mary.Eat pašticada.Take a traditional rowboat to the mainland.More items…