Quick Answer: Do You Need The Lighting Node Pro?

What does the commander Pro plug into?

A: As a fan controller, all of the fans (fan cable) are plugged into this.

The led cables on your fans goes into the node core and then the node core gets plugged into one of the 2 led slots on this.

Especially since you only have 5 fans.

The cooler can be plugged into one of the USB ports on this as well..

What does the lighting node Pro do?

The new LIGHTING NODE PRO is our latest RGB lighting controller which lets you easily setup and sync advanced lighting across your CORSAIR RGB components.

Can I use LL120 without lighting node Pro?

Correct the fans will still work but the rgb will not function unless you have the node pro. … As long as your motherboard has 3 or 4 pin fan headers on it, the fan will work without RGB. Fans have two cords coming out of it, one for power and one for RGB.

Does RGB fan need lighting node Pro?

If your motherboard has an RGB header, you *shouldn’t* need the lighting node pro. You *might* be able to daisy chain your fans together and plug all of them into the same motherboard header. 2. If your motherboard has enough fan headers, you will not need the commander pro hub.

Can you daisy chain commander pro?

The Commander Pro has 2 USB headers on it. So theoretically your limit is USB itself. … Alternatively, the Commander Pro has two USB 2.0 headers on it and you can daisy chain them, I just don’t know the limits to that.

Does lighting node Pro come with case?

Depending on which hardware you have, you’ll be able to control / manage your RGB LEDs and fan RPMs without purchasing additional hardware. These cases come with either a Lighting Node Pro or Commander Pro.

Do I need Commander Pro and Lighting Node pro?

Answer: You need the Lighting Node Pro to control the LED strips. If you have the Commander Pro, then you don’t need the Lighting Node Pro as that is built into the Commander Pro.

Do I need 2 commander pros?

so one commander pro is needed if you are going for a total of 9 ml120 pro fans (not pro rgb). h150i pro has 3 fan pin attached to the pump so u can attach your fans to there and a single cable from the pump side will connect to your mobo.

Can you use 2 Lighting Node cores?

Yep, of cource you can, it’ll come as separate Node Cores in iCue and you can custimoze them seperatly.

What is a lighting node core?

The Lighting Node Core is a 6-port RGB LED controller that lets you control the lighting animations of your fans. The Lighting Node Core comes pre-installed in Corsair iCUE RGB cases or along with RGB fans.

How many lighting node pro do you need?

one lighting node proYou can use one lighting node pro for everything, one channel for the LED strips and the other for the RGB fan hub. As said the RGB RAM will be controlled via Corsair iCue software through the RAM slot itself.

Can I plug Lighting Node core into Commander Pro?

Yes, you can connect the Lighting Node Core’s (NoCo) USB headers to the Commander Pro’s USB ports. With the NoCo, that’s all you need. The NoCo will show up in iCUE and you’ll be able to configure the fans that are attached to it there and then configure the RGB.

Do you need RGB hub with Commander Pro?

The Commander Pro is connected to your motherboard USB and to your PSU SATA power. You connect all your fans to the Commander Pro to change fan speeds. … So if you have fans and a Commander Pro, you will need the RGB Fan Hub too.

Can you have 2 Lighting Node pro?

Yes, iCUE can detect multiple Lightning node pro’s and commander pros.

How many fans can you connect to a lighting node Pro?

6 fansThe lighting node core only does the lighting for up to 6 fans. The fans themselves are 3pin DC fans that plug into standard motherboards or other fan hubs. The RGB is a separate cable off the fan, so no splitting needed. Allows RGB customization, but no fan speed control.

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