Question: What’S Another Word For Revolutionary?

What are the synonyms of the word revolutionary?

other words for revolutionaryradical.subversive.insurgent.rebel.defiant.disobedient.disorderly.factious..

What is a synonym for impactful?

impressive, poignant, stunning, effective, sympathetic, rousing, moving, affecting, emotional, stirring, touching, dynamic, provoking, motivating, stimulating, inspirational, gripping, cogent, direct, effectual.

What is the prefix for revolution?

The English prefix re- of revolve, revolver, revolutionary, revolution, revolt, and revolting. … The English prefix “e-” of evolve and evolution.

What is the meaning of revolutionary change?

relating to a complete change in a system of government, or bringing or causing great change: a revolutionary leader/program/idea. Computers have brought revolutionary changes to publishing.

What is the meaning of revolutionary government?

A revolutionary republic is a form of government whose main tenets are popular sovereignty, rule of law, and representative democracy. … A revolutionary republic tends to arise from the formation of a provisional government after the overthrow of an existing state and political regime.

What is the opposite to evolve?

What is the opposite of evolve?retrogressdiminishregresslessendeclinedecreasedeteriorateworsendegeneraterelapse15 more rows

What is the meaning of revolutionary?

adjective. of, pertaining to, characterized by, or of the nature of a revolution, or a sudden, complete, or marked change: a revolutionary junta. radically new or innovative; outside or beyond established procedure, principles, etc.: a revolutionary discovery.

What is a antonym for revolutionary?

Antonyms for revolutionary. middle-of-the-road, nonrevolutionary, unrevolutionary.

What is a synonym for new?

Some common synonyms of new are fresh, novel, and original. While all these words mean “having recently come into existence or use,” new may apply to what is freshly made and unused, what has not been known before, or what has not been experienced before.

What is the meaning of revolutionary activities?

Revolutionary activities, organizations, or people have the aim of causing a political revolution.

What is the antonym of groundbreaking?

What is the opposite of groundbreaking?conservativeconventionalpredictabledryunartistichackneyeduninventiveworkadaytamestale26 more rows

Which is the closest synonym for the word?

Synonyms & Antonyms of closestapproximate,close,immediate,near,nearby,nearest,next-door,nigh.

How would you describe a revolution?

The definition of a revolution is the movement of one object around a center or another object, a forceful overthrow of a government by the people or any sudden or grand change. An example of revolution is movement of the earth around the sun.

What’s another word for groundbreaking?

What is another word for groundbreaking?trailblazingunprecedentedfreshinnovationalinnovatorynovelinventivenewrevolutionaryseminal233 more rows

What is the definition of subversive?

adjective. Also sub·ver·sion·ar·y [suhb-vur-zhuh-ner-ee, -shuh-]. tending or intending to subvert or overthrow, destroy, or undermine an established or existing system, especially a legally constituted government or a set of beliefs.

What are the characteristics of a subversive person?

You might want to call someone subversive if they are sneakily trying to undermine something, from the social structure of your high school to an entire system of government. … Art or literature is considered subversive if it attempts to undermine the dominant values and traditions of a society.

Is impactful a word?

Impactful emerged in the 1960s as an adjective meaning “manifesting a great effect or impact.” Yes, impactful is a word, but it’s likely to annoy at least some of your readers. … If you want to substitute another word for impactful, use a synonym such as influential, powerful, or effective.

What is subversive message?

intended to destroy the power or influence of a government or an established belief. They were expelled from the country for subversive activities. It’s a challenging novel with a subversive message. Synonyms and related words.

What are subversive elements?

trying to destroy or damage something, especially an established political system: subversive elements/groups in society. subversive ideas/influences.

Which is the closest synonym for the word ubiquitous?

other words for ubiquitouseverywhere.omnipresent.pervasive.universal.all-over.ubiquitary.wall-to-wall.

Is impacting a word?

1. To pack firmly together. 2. To strike forcefully: meteorites impacting the lunar surface.