Question: Is Venice Good In December?

Where is the best Christmas market in the world?

17 of the best Christmas markets in the worldStockholm, Sweden – Stortorget julmarknad.

Helsinki, Finland – Helsinki Christmas Market.

Sibiu, Romania – Piața Mare.

Strasbourg, France – Christkindelsmärik.

Toronto, ON, Canada – Toronto Christmas Market.

Dresden, Germany – Dresdner Striezelmarkt.

Copenhagen, Denmark – Tivoli Gardens.

Moscow, Russia – The Red Square.More items…•Oct 10, 2018.

Can you drink tap water in Venice?

Don’t waste money on bottled water in Venice: The public tap water is safe, cold, and great-tasting. It’s piped in from deep wells on the Italian mainland, and it’s so good that it has its own brand name: Acqua Veritas.

Are there cars in Venice?

When we say “driving in Venice”, what we really mean is “driving around Venice” because there are no cars allowed in the city at all. With an intricate network of canals, there’s no room for passenger cars, so park your car and do all of your sightseeing in downtown Venice on foot.

Is December a good time to visit Florence?

Is December a good time to visit Florence? December is a great time to visit Florence, especially with all the decorations up in the whole city center, you can’t think of a place more magical than Florence.

What should you not do in Venice?

9 Things *Not* To Do In VeniceDo NOT go to Harry’s Bar. … Do NOT touch the canals. … Do NOT get in the gondola. … Do NOT bother with Murano and Borano. … Do NOT get attached to the idea of breakfast as you know it. … Do NOT arrive by cruise ship. … Do NOT visit in the summer. … Do NOT bring a roll-aboard.More items…•Jun 20, 2018

When should you avoid Venice?

The best time to visit Venice is during April, May, September, and October when the city is warm and dry but not too hot. Avoid visiting in August when the weather is hot and muggy and many Venetians leave for a month-long vacation.

What is the warmest part of Italy in December?

SicilyWhat’s the warmest place in Italy in the winter? If you’re looking to travel to a warm place in Italy in the winter, I recommend Sicily. It stays very warm in the winter months and it has a lively culture year-round.

Where is the best Christmas market?

Best Christmas Markets in EuropeTallinn. Estonia. This year thousands of you from all over the world have awarded Tallinn the title of Best Christmas Market in Europe. … Budapest. Hungary. … Strasbourg. France. … Vienna. Austria. … Erfurt. Germany. … Poznan. Poland. … Brussels. Belgium. … Aachen. Germany.More items…

Is it a good idea to go to Italy in December?

With a temperate climate, the weather in southern Italy in December is pleasant, making it an ideal place to visit on your holiday. You will have a lovely seaside experience in the Amalfi Coast, located in the Province of Salerno.

Where is the best place to spend Christmas in Italy?

We’ll take you through a few select Italy winter destinations for an unforgettable winter holiday.Christmas in Bolzano. Bolzano is the capital city of the province of South Tyrol in Northern Italy. … Christmas in Naples. … Christmas in Cortina D’Ampezzo. … Christmas in Venice. … Christmas in Sicily.Dec 20, 2019

How cold is Italy in winter?

Winter temperatures average in the 40s F and 50s F with plenty of rain and the occasional dusting of snow. Expect the coldest weather in January and February.

Which is the best area to stay in Venice?

The 10 Best Neighborhoods in Venice for TouristsSanta Croce. … Cannaregio. … Dorsoduro. … Castello. … Giudecca. … Lido de Venezia. … Murano. … Burano & Mazzorbo.More items…•Sep 10, 2020

Is Christmas a good time to visit Italy?

If you like Museums or indoor activities, then yes, it’s probably a BETTER time to visit! December CAN be cold and rainy but there are many festivals and celebrations that time of year. Christmas is a special time here in Italy, and on through January 6th.

Is December a good time to visit Venice?

Winter is a romantic season in Venice, and the more civilized crowds and lower prices make it an appealing time to visit.

Does Venice have Christmas markets?

Venice Markets Bartolomeo, Campo San Salvador, Campo San Luca, Campo Manin and Campo Santo Stefano are the main ones to visit for Christmas markets, with some erecting temporary ice rinks so you can enjoy full festive feels.

Is it cold in Italy in December?

In Central Italy, including cities like Rome, the temperature is at its coldest at this time of the year, and ranges approximately between 6 and 14 degrees Celsius (42 to 57 degrees Fahrenheit). In December, be ready for really cold nights and some of the wettest days of the year.

What months does Venice flood?

October through January is the typical high water season, though flooding can occur at any time during the year.

Is Italy hot at Christmas?

Italy’s southern regions are almost always warmer than their northern counterparts, but December still brings cold temperatures to the south. The crowds that flocked to the beaches in August are headed into the mountains to go skiing or snowboarding by December. … Central Italy: 40-55°F (5-13°C)

How many nights should I stay in Venice?

four nightsIn practice, most visitors will only have a few days, but we would advise anyone to consider four nights as a minimum. With a two night break, visitors are left with only one full day to explore, which means there is more time spent travelling than enjoying the destination.

Is it expensive in Venice?

With its historical canals, gondolas, and winding streets, Venice is considered one of the most romantic and most famous cities in the world. … However, the city is very expensive, especially on the main island.

Is Venice safe at night?

Venice is an exceptionally safe city, and this nighttime walk will stick to well-populated areas. … Mark’s Square is home to Venice’s most commanding architecture, most of which dates between 1300-1600.